Hikami KairoWatershed FIELD MUSEUM


Using rich nature and culture to think about global warming and biodiversity

Here is a chance to use the rich nature and culture surrounding the Hikami Kairo as an opportunity to focus on two major concerns of the modern era -- global warming and biodiversity. While the lifestyles in the lush satoyama around the Hikami Kairo owe to its ancient climate fluctuation, the rich environment is in danger due to global warming and the social changes that we are seeing in modern times. What can we do now to ensure the children of the future inherit this rich natural environment, culture, and spirit? It is our greatest hope that all of you reading this website will one day visit the Hikami Kairo and see and feel it with all your senses, discovering something unique that you can bring back to your everyday life. Thinking of the brightly smiling faces of the children in the future...