Hikami KairoWatershed FIELD MUSEUM


floor guide

Watershed Lobby (1F)

The Watershed Lobby offers visitors a chance to learn about the topography of the Hikami Kairo. The first display uses projection mapping and kinetic sand to recreate the topography of the area around the museum. The display was created under the supervision of a group of experts on rivers and other aspects of geography, and brings together the very best of science.

Exhibition Rooms (1F)

    Aerial views of the Hikami Kairo

  • As visitors enter the exhibition room, a huge screen depicts the Hikami Kairo from above. In addition to showcasing the appeals of Tamba, the display introduces the natural features and cultures of the area that have developed over time.

    The undulating surface of the earth

  • Here, visitors can see Japan’s first globe with an undulating surface, as well as a model of the Japanese islands. The display teaches visitors about the world’s diverse topography, as well as Japan’s central water divide and watersheds.

    The miracle of the Hikami Kairo

  • This display looks at the miracle of how the Hikami Kairo was formed, with a particular focus on the river capture phenomenon and climate. For children, there are easy-to-understand picture books and illustrations.

    Living organisms at the Hikami Kairo

  • This display explores the living things nurtured at the Hikami Kairo. Visitors can use this opportunity to learn about the area’s large mammals, birds, insects, and plants close-up, something which they wouldn’t normally be able to do.

    The history of the Hikami Kairo

  • It is thought that Palaeoloxodon naumanni—also known as the Naumann’s elephant—traversed the Hikami Kairo around 30,000 years ago. It was later that people, goods, and cultures began to mix. With an actual takasebune boat on show, this display seeks to solve the mysteries of the area’s history and culture.

Interactive Gallery(2F)

The Interactive Gallery is home to a number of “museum boxes,” or interactive tools. These include boat-based board games and animal-based card games, all of which help visitors to learn about the Hikami Kairo. There is also a multipurpose area which visitors are free to use to study. (Fees required for group meetings, etc.)